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The Multi-Sector Pension Plan ("MSPP" or the "Plan") is a multi-employer target benefit pension plan sponsored by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and managed by an appointed Board of Trustees. Established in 2002, the Plan aims to cover all of those CUPE and SEIU workplaces where, it has been challenging, if not impossible, to find a good registered pension plan. If you don't have an existing plan, the MSPP may be right for you.

With over 180 Contributing Employers, members have the ability to move jobs across a wide range of industries and continue to build their pension. The MSPP provides members with a lifetime pension at age 65 that is predictable since it is based on a formula which can be easily calculated long before retirement. This lifetime pension can be a key component to a member's financial security during retirement where a member would otherwise have to rely solely on government benefits and personal savings.

InBenefits has been retained by the Board of Trustees to be the administrator of the MSPP. If you have questions about the MSPP, you should contact InBenefits.

The information contained in this website summarizes the official rules and regulations of the MSPP Plan Text, however, should there be any discrepancies between the information maintained on the website and the Plan Text, then the Plan Text will govern. If there are any discrepancies between the English-language and French-language versions of the Plan Text or the Trust Agreement the English-language versions will prevail.

The Plan is registered with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario because the majority of members work in Ontario but the Plan supports members from coast to coast. The Plan registration number is 1085653.

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